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Foam Pros was started in 2014 after we decided to make the switch from cellulose to foam, we made this decision based on how much more energy efficient spray foam is, you truly can't beat it! 


Quick Facts

  • Fiberglass only last 10-25 years if it stays dry, while spray foam lasts 80+ years.

  • Over time fiberglass and cellulose will sag in the wall cavity creating a empty void for heat to easily escape or intrude, spray foam literally glues itself to 5 sides of the cavity holding it in place for its lifetime.

  • spray foam can add up to 250% of your home's structural strength, fiber\cellulose doesn't do anything structurally.

  • Fiberglass does not stop air from passing through it, in fact, on average more than 30% of heat or air conditioning escapes where fiberglass is installed. Spray foam fills all spaces and creates an air barrier preventing air from escaping.


(Photo credit:Rhino linings)

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HERS Index

Here is a quick video of us spraying 2.0lb closed cell foam, this foam creates a air and vapor barrier along the entire foundation!  

Have you heard of the HERS Index? The HERS Index is a measurement of how energy efficient your house is, with 100 being your standard new house. Our houses come in around 45-50, due to such little air escaping the spray foamed house, a score of 45 means the house is 55% more efficient then the average house. If you are wanting more information on HERS index visit

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